S.ta Margherita di Pula, Italy


When designing this villa to be built along Sardinia’s coastline the intention was to link it to its geographical and cultural environment using a contemporary and sober language, yet unmistakably Mediterranean and referring to the traditional arts and crafts of this Italian island.
Far from wishing to evoke Sardinia through trite conventional images, inspiration was found in reproducing some textures of traditional weaving (typical ancient and contemporary fabrics and carpets), jewellery (gold filigree), embroidery and basket weaving, transposing them into stone and ceramic finishes and coverings (see here below attached “concept”).
Designed for a married couple living in London, but wishing to spend in Sardinia at least one week per month, hosting here many of their international friends, this house is built in a high position on the side of the hills and has a superb view on the facing Mediterranean sea and the green pinewood below. It is a two storey building laying on a sloping wide property. Both levels have complementary wide panoramic terraces and are completed by a swimming pool and a small surrounding park..
The architecture of the house consists of pure and squared volumes finished with a bright white plaster featuring a thick texture of lime and sand mixed together. A textured stone dado of red basalt - recessed in the perimetral walls’ surface and co-planar with the thick lime plaster laid above – surrounds the the whole ground floor and, with its engraved surface, is meant to evoke the wattled vegetal fibres of typical Sardinian baskets.

LA CASA PIU' BELLA Award, 2022 - Italy
DSM (Design Studio Mag) 2022 Awards,
  Italy, 2022
The APR (Architecture Press Release)
  Chinese Design Gold Award - Cina, 2022
Premio “In/Arch” (Istituto Nazionale di
  Architettura) - Italy, 2020
BUILD Award for Excellence in Architectural
  Design, Italy – Great Britain, 2020
Project listed in the In/Arch Sardegna
  “Registro della Qualità Emergente”
  (Inventory of prominent quality buildings)
  Italy, 2018
AZURE Award of merit
  Toronto/Canada, 2015
AZURE Awards, People Choice
  Toronto/Canada, 2015

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