Concept for renewal of shop’s image


MANDARINA DUCK – the renown brand since thirty years present and, nowadays, well-established on the market of bags and accessories production – aims at a clientele young and cosmopolitan, open minded, attentive to new products, always on the move, whether that means travelling thousands of miles or simply going from A to B in the city.
And on the idea of evoking the dream of travelling was in fact based the briefing of this project of renewal of the brand’s shops in the world; a renewal that should coincide with the strong increment of production given by Mandarina to its leisure devoted products. Among all different possible ways of travelling (adventure, cruise, work…) the chosen option was to put on stage the metropolitan kind of journey, which – by plain, train or speedway - takes us around the big cities of the world And is, in fact, an intricate net of speedways – at the junctions of which are the maps of ideal metropolis of our planet – the feature characterizing the surfaces of the spatial container, engraving them with a bas-relief effect (which – on the floor - will then be filled with a transparent resin) and suggesting the idea of an uninterrupted movement along the roads of the world.Along such routes are displayed a number of assemblable standing shelves, generated by different combinations of three simple modules: a long and a short shelf, and a double curve. Thanks to the two parallel and reciprocally slid sheets of glass supporting each shelf, they appear like they’re freely fluctuating in the space, so giving an impression of great lightness and granting a maximum visual transparency. The same shelving system is hung to the walls too, standing out against the background of a white lacquered and backlit aluminium trellis, out of which have been laser cut a mass of interlaced names of big cities of all countries. The particular sandwich-like construction of the shelves (two white faces with an interposed dark core), while emphasizing the graphic character of this project, also strongly evokes the classic iconography of underground public transports maps.All the above is complemented by a series of glazed and frameless casckets – overhanging out of some alcoves expressly carved into the walls - that allow to display small objects and accessories (spectacles, wallets, scents…) recently included within the brand’s range of products.