Marco Orani

Via Lanusei 61, CAGLIARI, Italia


Show room for men’s and women’s garments

What suggested the idea for conceiving the main feature of this project was the fact that the two side walls of these premises are not parallel;, which implies that – in the former layout - the cast concrete structural beams were not square with them. Taking the will of re-constituting a perfect orthogonality between these architectural element as a pretext, it was decided to create a visual game according to which the beams have been made appear like if they had been cut in their mid point; which thing was meant to attract the visitors’ attention and, stimulating their curiosity, to push them to attentively observe and gradually discover all other details of this space. One can essentially perceive it as a deep (18 mt.) box which has been cut in two parts along its longitudinal axis and has then been uncorrectly re-assembled, sliding along each other the two resulting half volumes. The reference image was here the view of a simple parallelepiped space seen through an old fashion camera viewfinder working with a “split-image” focusing system; this game has been enhanced repeating the cut of the beams (which probably had not enough appeal, at first sight) on the floor, where a long toothed band of white and green marble has been inlaid in the wood covering of the floor. And, just to make sure to capture the attention of people passing by on public sidewalk, the “sliding effect” has been pushed up to involve the shopfront, cutting and re-assembling the metallic frame of the street window, the Pietra Serena threshold slab and even the doormat.

Marco Orani