ORIGA’ at 50th Milano’s International Furniture Fair


LA FABBRICA DEL VAPORE, Via Procaccini, 4 – Milano, Italy
from April 12th till 17th - 2011, from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m.

ANTONIOLUPI Design will be presenting ORIGA’, a bench designed by Pierluigi Piu, at the new event/installation by Domenico De Palo ‘IL FUOCO, LA PIETRA, IL CEMENTO si incontrano’ (Fire, Stone and Cement meet), which will take place during Milano’s 50th International Furniture Fair.
ORIGA’ is strongly inspired by the art of Origami: the foldings Impressed in a raw steel plate give volume and stiffness to a simple sheet and generate a faceted rigid and dynamic box on which people can seat.
The bench is conceived as a virtually endless sequence of specular 2mt long modules (in these photographs only two are assembled together) made out of a 1mm thin wax finished natural steel sheet. An ideal sculptural seat for outdoor environments and indoor wide spaces, as like museums, churches and hotels halls.

ORIGA’  at 50th Milano’s International Furniture Fair