courses of craft design in Sardinia,

Palazzo della Triennale di Milano (Italy)

April 4 to 9 / 2017
On the occasion of the "Fuorisalone" events 2017 the little family of seats TELARZOS, designed by Pierluigi Piu and manufactured by skilled Sardinian craftmen for DOMO - XIX of Sardinian Arts & Crafts, will be on show within the frame of the exhibition curated by Roberta Morittu and Giuliana Altea which will take place in the prestigious halls of the Palazzo della Triennale di Milano during the 56th Milano's Design Week. The project DOMO has been selected and listed since 2010 in the ADI Design Index, and has been awarded in 2011 with the coveted prize Compasso d'ORO. The exhibition PAST FUTURE is the result of the productive cooperation between La Triennale di Milano and Sardinia's local government.
Exhibition design by Alessandro Floris / Graphic Design by Stefano Asili / info: info@pierluigipiu.it  - press office: nicoletta.murialdo@comu-nico.it

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