Board of Engineers of Cagliari (Italy)

March 7th, 2018

The Board of Engineers of Cagliari (Italy), through its internal association ICS, has launched the first edition of the annual proze NEMO PROPHETA, to award professionals distinguishing themselves for their special talent and merit expressed in the world of culture and sport and recognizable as significant testimonials of Sardinia. This year the prize has been given
As for his cultural activity, to Architect Pierluigi Piu, “talented and coherent professional, internationally recognized and awarded, who has often brought out Sardinia’s cultural roots through inventive and contemporary cross-references and re-interpretations; from his projects one may breath Sardinia’s scent and learn about its most excellent peculiarities”,
As for her sport activity, to Dr. Chiara Obino, “multi awarded present world champion of Free Diving; she’s achieved the highest goals in her discipline and is a charismatic woman who positively spreads, in Italy as well as abroad, a strong and genuine image of Sardinia”

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