Collection “Mediterranean Grafts”, produced by LITHEA – Patti (Messina), Italy


That’s how, in the plains of Campidàno, in Sardinia (Italy), people names round baskets - mostly large and low ones, used to contain and measure cereals or other foodstuffs - which once women used to carry around balancing them on their heads. They are made weaving hay stalks and reed fibres together and are embellished by insertions of brocade or gaudy coloured curly stripes of woollen cloth forming geometrical or local flora and fauna inspired patterns. Peasants once used to decorate their houses hanging them by groups on the walls; such secondary function has been here reinterpreted, reducing the baskets to the reproduction as natural stone bas-reliefs of their most elaborate parts - their bottoms – and adding depth by a protruding placement against the wall and the introduction of striking luminous halos.

This project received the
TAO Design Talent Award 2018
in Taormina (Italy)

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