"QUALI COSE SIAMO" - Curator: Alessandro Mendini


from March 27th, 2010 till March 27th, 2011

One of Pierluigi Piu’s works conceived for the 19th Biennial of Sardinian Arts & Crafts - held in Sassari (Italy) on last August 2009 - has been selected by Alessandro Mendini, curator of the exhibition Quali cose siamo, and will be shown at Milano’s Triennale Design Museum from next March 27th, 2010 till March 27th, 2011.

The curator’s hypothesis for this third edition (the two previous ones were entitled “The seven obsessions of Italian Design” and “Custom-built Series”) is that there is in Italy a wide and endless world parallel to the one of renown brands design; an invisibile and non orthodox design, authors, products and manufacturers of which are of remarkable social and anthropological importance and are probably more strongly connected to mass consumers than visibile design is. Such theory moves our observation point further, so provoking lacks of balance and wrongfootings, but is extremely productive and rich in emotion and spectacularity. The idea is about building up a reasoned collection of objects which, like “falling stars”, come from unconnected various places and situations, yet all having strong motivations.
When put one next to the other, such objects create relationships, cross-references, signals and complex informations. They form a vision, a museum, a possibile different organigram of italian design. They define a map that, just to quote the same Alessandro Mendini, helps us to understand “which things we are with”.
Milano’s Triennale Design Museum is located in the Palazzo dell’Arte, designed by renown architect Giovanni Muzio and built in 1933 next to the Parco Sempione and the Castello Sforzesco.

"QUALI COSE SIAMO" - Curator: Alessandro Mendini