OLIVINO, delicatessen shop
12, Lower Belgrave street London SW1 U.K.

...On the opposite side a system of overhanging shelves - laid out on the wall surface according to a labyrinth geometrical scheme – allows, thanks to their recessed linear lights too, to set off the pre-packed goods displayed on them, while not long lasting food needing to be sold in portions is shown in a custom made refrigerated counter which features a lower section covered with white Corian ®, an upper glazed showcase equipped with sliding display trays and a working top made out of a thick solid afrormosia wood board, three sides of which have been squared, while the fourth one has been left as rough as the edge of the tree was. This last element, while alluding to the traditional cheesemonger shop because of its “chopping board” look, with its natural appearance also counterbalances the algid uprightness of all other surrounding materials. An heavy-duty stainless steel made back-counter with back lit glazing and shelves, as well as a light purple resin floor, complement all the above described features


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