QUALITA’ EMERGENTE 2018 – The exhibition (2019)

Centro culturale ExMà, Cagliari (Italy)

21/23 of June, 2019

The House built along Sardinia’southern coastal line has just been included in the QUALITA’ EMERGENTE (Prominent Quality) inventory, a long term project of research curated by IN/ARCH – Istituto Nazionale di Architettura – in order to single out and catalogue architectural works esteemed as particularly prominent, built in Sardinia (Italy) from year 2000 onwards. The aim of such project is the progressive build up of a cognitive picture concerning contemporary practices of outstanding design quality. The 2018 edition of QUALITA’ EMERGENTE has collected dozens of candidatures, among which the jury panel has selected 19 works. These, added to the ones selected in the previous editions – which rise up to 35 the number of the exhibited projects – will be shown to a public of specialists and other concerned people and will constitute an important inventory of architectural works of quality recently built in the island.


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qualità emergente, in/arch, pierluigi piu